The overload of today's pace of life is often a barrier to finding time for oneself such as meditation. Many believe that meditation requires long sessions. Yet a small moment of your day can be enough.

The main reasons for meditation

Meditation is a practice that allows the mind to work to relax and channel itself so that it can refocus on itself and have inner peace. The benefits of meditation at the mental level are numerous: reduction of stress, improvement of self-control and concentration. On the emotional level, meditation is the best way to live happily and enjoy every moment in full consciousness, without any headache. The whole organism, from metabolism to blood circulation to breathing, is in balance when meditation is introduced into the lifestyle. Just adopt at least one meditation tip and you will be healthy.

Train your mind in minutes

It has been proven that short meditation sessions are producti   ve, especially for beginners and those who do not have free time. How do you do it? First of all, choose a quiet place where you can feel serenity, such as a balcony or garden. If it's at home, light :     and dim the lights. At work, take a quiet corner. Then make sure you are comfortable in your posture: sitting, in the lotus position, lying down or even standing. The goal is to relax the body. Once the position and place are fixed, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. You need to be aware of the air you breathe in that relaxes you, and the air that comes out that removes stress and worry. In this way, you will focus only on the essentials and your goals. Sometimes the breath is not the best anchorage. You can focus on a particular sound such as birdsong, or the sound of waves or music. There is nothing to be afraid of if thoughts cross your mind and distract you. This can happen, especially with beginners. You just have to accept it. With practice, you will learn to detach yourself from it. Then the process of transformation will begin.

Make it a habit, not a constraint

It is important that the desire to practice the meditation trick comes from you.  But in the beginning, you will need to make an effort to make meditation a natural and simple habit. Every day, set aside a place and a few minutes of your day even if you are not in high spirits. Because meditation is about seeking relief no matter what your state of mind.